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Ozone Decontamination Shower

Product #: Ozone Shower


Brought to you by Husky® Portable and the Roving Blue Ozo-Pod® 1000. Decontaminate with electrolytic ozone, The Power of EO3™.

This complete Decon Shower System includes everything you need to set up a decon system anywhere water is available, including one of the Husky® Portable Decontamination Pools.  The Decontamination Shower System includes an Ozo-Pod® 1000, PVC shower with four shower heads, hose with handheld sprayer, a 4’ x 8’ x1’ Steel Frame Decon Pool and carry bag.

This shower system is lightweight, collapsible, and can be assembled quickly, making it the perfect solution for an easy Decon Shower System. Elevation Grids and Shower Curtains are available.