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2. GO³ Ozone Purifying Bottle Cap

Product #: GO3
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It’s GO-3™ Time!

Thank you for your interest!  The GO3™ is the only bottle pod with The Power of EO3™. Stronger than chlorine when dissolved in water, ozone kills microbes quickly and reverts to oxygen. Leaves nothing but a fresh clean taste.
The GO3™ Water Bottle Pod is the first of its kind in the world, a water bottle that will make water safer, right in the bottle. It fits your favorite Nalgene I Liter or 32 oz wide mouth water bottle (available separately) or the Nalgene 650 ML "On the Fly" water bottle, (the narrower size will fit most car cups).
To use, simply fill the bottle, attach the pod, turn it upside down, and press a button.  The treatment time is 3 minutes.  You'll never have to buy a plastic water bottle again. This pod will make all water safer to drink, smell and taste great - it even destructs chlorine.  And is it ever effective! See our test results below on common bugs that can make you sick. Ozone is more powerful than chlorine, yet reverts quickly to oxygen, so yay! No chemicals!  It's integrated, a rechargeable battery will last for as many as 40-50 uses before needing to recharge.
GO3™ Water Bottle Pod, USB charge cord, carry case.
Anyone who buys from this, our first production run, immediately qualifies for a $100 off coupon for our final GO-3 full production version.  The great American company, Georgia Pacific, is in the process of helping us to re-design the pod to be easier to manufacture (they will be built in Pulaski, WI). They will also be more robust, have wireless charging, etc (we listened to all your great feedback!).
We only have a few of these left, so get them while they are still available. They will probably be collector items! The new ones won't be available till this Fall at the earliest.

Product Details: 

Treatment time: 3 minutes

Rechargeable battery

Uses per charge: Approx 50

Charge time: < 1 hour

Did we mention, it doubles as a nice little tent light?

If you’d love to learn more about the people behind the water pod, meet the Teamwork that Makes the Dream Work.

Great news:
Our test results are in! The bottle was proven effective against E-coli at 99.9999% kill rate. You can't have a better result! We also just received our other tests for Listeria and MS2 coliphage, which is a virus, and we were beyond excited at the results. You can download them here: 

GO³™ Bottle Test Results
Link to User Manual.
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