Roving Blue
The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle


Welcome to Roving Blue, located in Wisconsin, USA!

We are proud to be building advanced, portable water purification systems that harness the purifying power of ozone for use around the world.


Roving Blue® O-Pen™- Peace of Mind for Travelers

Tap into Purity™ with the O-Pen™, which gives you the power of ozone to purify water in your pocket!  For those unsure of the tap water in:

      • Hotel rooms
      • Cruise ships
      • Foreign restaurants




Roving Blue® OZO-Pod™ - Purify Fruits and Vegetables


Ozone is lethal to e.coli and salmonella.  Even organic foods can contain these microbes.  Ozone also breaks down herbicides and pesticides on fruits and vegetables..


Roving Blue® MVP™ - Portable Drinking Water Source for Groups

Proven in military demonstrations around the world, The MVP™ allows you to drink water from any fresh water source such as rivers, lakes and streams.

  • Highly advanced, flushable ultrafiltration
  • Long life, diamond-based ozone generators (9,000+ gallons or 68,000 water bottles) before replacement)
  • Silver-impregnated, activated carbon filters



Marianna “Yana” DeMyer CEO, and Jim Gilmet, CFO at the Crimson Viper Field Experiments in Saraburi, Thailand, 9/2016.


Roving Blue® Latest Field Trials:

  • 2018: Accepted in to the  AWA (Army Warfighter Assessments) –
  • 2017-2018: Participating in the US Army AEWE (Advanced Expeditionary Warrior Experiments), in Ft. Benning GA
  • 2016: Roving Blue selected to attend Crimson Viper Field Experiments in Thailand


  • 2016: Roving Blue wins “Architect of Defense” Award from The Defense Alliance
  • 2015: Accepted into SOCOM (Special Operations Command) TE 16-2, Camp Roberts, CA and TE 16-3, Muscatatuck UTC, IN


We are looking for motivated Sales Reps, Distributors, and Dealers around the World! See where we are now, and click here if you would like more information!


Government Buyers: We are registered with SAM. #017439765 NAICS CODE 333318


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