Roving Blue


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Roving Blue MVP

$3,495.00 USD
Price is only valid in North America and may vary in other countries.

The Roving Blue Water Purification System is a patent-pending system that utilizes the latest micro-ozone technology for highly effective microbiological control. No other portable water purification system offers all of these benefits:

  • Triple Stage Mechanical Filtration
  • Dual Stage Biological Filtration: 100% NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified materials
  • No chemicals to buy
  • No waste water
  • Effective against dangerous micro-organisms
  • Eliminates bad tastes and smells
  • DC power source allows for use in off-grid camps, RV's and boats
  • Quiet operation
  • Long filter life and easy filter replacement: change filter every 1,200 gallons (4,542 Liters)

Roving Blue MVP-A Information Sheet


Weight: Approx 25 lbs., 11.33 kg

Size: L 18.7" x W 14.8" x H 7" (L 475mm x W 376mm x H 178mm)

Output: Approx. 0.5 liter per minute

Made in U.S.A. Product

Avg. Ozone dosage: Approximately 1 ppm

Ozone residual: .1 to .4 mg/l *

*.1 to .4mg/l represents FDA required ozone residual levels for bottled water

Specifications are subject to change