The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle


Water with ozone in it is more powerful than chlorine, so it's great for making drinking water safer (and better-tasting), and for cleaning things like fruits and veggies, and for sanitizing things like water tanks and water lines.

The best thing? Ozone reverts to plain old oxygen quickly, so nothing is left behind but peace of mind.  Isn't that a nice thing to have these days?  

Our products represent the NEWEST and BEST way to purify water with ozone in your home, with the added benefit that you can also use that water to sanitize things. Ozone generators that have the "power of EO3", our kind of ozone generator, are hands down the strongest and safest. 

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Roving Blue® also has Commercial Components for Manufacturers.  The OZO-Pod™ 10, 50, and 1000 Tank-Keeper® line of Ozone Water Generators, and our in-line Ozo-Flow® 50, 500, and 1000, are "plug-and-play" devices that are easy to incorporate into any system.  Download a brochure of quick specs here.


Here's a selection of three of our most popular products, see more on our Products page!

Roving Blue GO3 Water Bottle Pod photo of O-Pen Roving Blue OZO-Pod - Purify Fruits and Vegetables
 Roving Blue GO-3™  Roving Blue O-Pen  Roving Blue Ozo-Pod® 10

Its Go-3 time, the latest must-have for the adventurous.

This pod already fits your favorite Nalgene 32 oz water bottle, turns it into the world's first water bottle to purify water in the bottle to make your water safer and better-tasting

Hiking, Travel, Cruise Ships, Hotels, and Restaurants.

Tap into Purity™ with our patent-pending O-Pen®, the power of ozone that fits in your pocket!  This is PEACE OF MIND, wherever you go.

Purify Fruits and Vegetables

Ozone is lethal to e.coli and salmonella.  Even organic foods can contain these microbes.  Ozone also breaks down herbicides and pesticides on fruits and vegetables. Customers report that their veggies stay fresh and crisp longer in the fridge!  Now, that's a win-win-win!

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