The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle
The World is Your Water Bottle


Water Purification with the Power of E03®Ozone

Wouldn't it be nice to trust your water? Whether youre summiting a mountain, vacationing overseas, or cleaning lettuce in your kitchen, how do you know your water, or produce, is safe? How can you know that the lettuce isnt contaminated, too?

Contaminated water can seem perfectly safe, and it can cause some really serious diseases. What if you had the newest technology to quickly and reliably purify water for drinking and cleaning foods and surfaces? Think about the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can trust your water.

Not Just Clean Water, Water that Cleans

Roving Blue® water purifiers are the first of their kind. With stronger disinfecting capabilities than chlorine, Roving Blue® purifies water safely AND the things that water touches, effectively in your home or on the go.

Roving Blues® advanced technology is hands-down the strongest and safest way to ensure water is clean, drinkable, and great-tasting. Roving Blue® delivers ozonated water purification tools for hiking, camping, traveling, disaster recovery, self-sufficiency, prepping and disease prevention.

What Can Ozone Water do for You?

  • Kills more than 99% of pathogens in water -no chemicals are needed, no chemicals left behind.
  • Makes water safe by infusing nature’s disinfectant, ozone, in the safest way – via electrolysis.
  • Disinfects water in minutes using clean, green, sustainable methods
  • Removes the unpleasant taste and smells
  • Creates ozonated water that can be used to gargle, use like mouthwash
  • Is available for personal use and commercial use to kills germs, use as an antiseptic.
  • Comes with a no questions asked, unconditional satisfaction guarantee

Roving Blue's Top 3 Water Purifying Products

GO-3 Ozone Water Bottle Pod

Roving Blue® GO-3™

The GO-3™ - This first-of-its-kind bottle cap turns a standard Nalgene 1 L or 32 oz. wide mouth water bottle into a water purification marvel. Just fill the bottle, turn it upside down, and press a button. The GO-3™ is lightweight, portable, and super convenient.

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Best Travel Water Purifier Roving Blue O-Pen

Roving Blue's® Portable Water Purifier the Ozo-Pen®

The O-Pen®™ - This pocket-sized, lightweight O-pen® (Ozo-Pen™) is perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, traveling, and off-the-grid adventuring. Purify 8 oz. water in :40 seconds with this long-lasting, rechargeable ozone generator. Never have to carry water bottles again.

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Roving Blue OZO-Pod - Purify Fruits and Vegetables

Roving Blue Home Water Ozone Generator: The Ozo-Pod® 10

O-Pod™ - This stainless-steel encased ozone generator delivers ozonated water for household disinfection work. Use in place of bleach to clean athletic gear and other smelly items. Purify fruits and vegetables to kill bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. Break down herbicides and pesticides, so food is safe to eat. No aftertaste or harmful residue.

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Why Take Chances With Unclean Water?

Any time youre dealing with questionable water, rely on Roving Blue's ozone disinfection technology. Roving Blue ensures water is safe to drink, brush your teeth, rinse foods, and use in other ways. Avoid downtime and the unpleasantness of nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps - or worse - resulting from contaminated water. Roving Blue kills bacteria and viruses that can make you sick and ruin your day. Roving Blue delivers safe water for times when youre hiking or camping off the grid, in a grid-down emergency, or simply want a healthier life. Got questions? Check our our FAQ page, or send us a note.

Our GO-3 device was a "Coolest thing made in Wisconsin" Nominee in 2021.

We are also proud members of the Water Council, a fantastic water-technology hub in Milwaukee, WI.