Roving Blue


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3. Roving Blue GO³™ PRE-SALE

Product #: GO3
$199.00 USD
Price is only valid in the US. Please contact us at prior to placing an international order.

331 Available


It’s GO3™ Time!

You've either shown an interest in the concept, or you are already avid users of our other products. This is the last water bottle you will ever have to buy!

The GO3™ is the only bottle with The Power of EO3™. Stronger than chlorine when dissolved in water, ozone kills microbes quickly and reverts to oxygen. Leaves nothing but fresh clean taste.

In order to make this happen, we need to raise $70,000 for the costs of the parts we need for making our first limited production run.

What better way to accomplish this than to include YOU, our valued customers and advocates to help get us there!

Let's work on making this a reality together! 

We are offering a limited edition “Early Adopter” GO3™ water bottle pre-sale promotion package:

When they are gone, they are gone, so reserve yours today!

For $199 you get:

If you wait until the bottle is ready, all you’ll get is the GO3™ Pod,
which will be priced at $249.00

Sound like a deal? We thought so! We will ship you the bottle and the t-shirt as soon as we hit 350 orders, please allow time to hit our goal. We’ll keep a count on the checkout page of our website, so you know how close we are.

If for any unseen circumstances (this is a weird year, right?) we cannot create the GO3™ Pod, you will receive a full $200 credit towards anything on our site, and keep the t-shirt and bottle as our gift 

Sneak Peek: 

Product Details: 

Treatment time: 3 minutes

Rechargeable battery

Uses per charge: Approx 20

Charge time: < 1 hour

Did we mention, it doubles as a nice little tent light?


Great news:
Our test results are in! The bottle was proven effective against E-coli at 99.9999% kill rate. You can't have a better result! We also just received our other tests for Listeria and MS2 coliphage, which is a virus, and we were beyond excited at the results. You can download them here: 

GO³™ Bottle Test Results