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Issue:  My ozo-pod does not seem to be working, there are barely bubbles coming out, and only on one side, could it be defective?

Answer:  Defective ozo-pods are pretty unusual; but not unheard of, Lets work through a few items:

No ozone generation at all:

First of all, try turning it on, by plugging it in and pressing the “Off” button.  Every once in a great while a worker may attach the face plate of the switch on, in the wrong direction.  We try to catch these but do not test every single unit before leaving the factory, so its possible this may have happened.  This is quickly remedied by using a small screw driver to remove the two screws that hold the face plate on, removing and re-attaching it in the correct orientation. (un-plug the unit first of course)

Very “weak” ozone production:

1)  First of all, plug the unit in, submerse it in a bowl of ordinary tap water, and let it run for 3 full minutes.   It does take a few minutes to get the ozone generator “going” when the unit is brand new.

 2)  If after 3 minutes, you still do not notice any ozone production; consider this:  Our ozone generators work by splitting the water molecules and utilizing the “O” in H2O, and the ozone that is generated is dissolved directly into the water.

Other ozone generators use the oxygen in the air that we breathe.  This means the ozone is still in a gas and must be dissolved into the water through the use of an air stone like in fish aquariums.  Our units DO NOT produce bubbles like that.  The best description is that our ozone looks like a cloud; the water will take on a cloudy appearance.  There will be some small bubbles forming and escaping, but they will be quite small.

3) Consider the water source: is it ordinary tap water such that would come from a well or municipal water supply? Our units work best with this water.  If your water is very pure, such as out of a home water purification system, such as a reverse osmosis unit, or a distillation machine, that water will be very pure.  Very pure water is a poor conductor of electricity.  Our units need impurities in the water to work very well. Try this: put a pinch of salt into the water. Stir it to dissolve the salt and try observing the unit running again.  This will give the water the conductivity it needs to make ozone.

 4) “my unit only produces ozone out of one side”:  If it is producing ozone, and the unit is laying flat, the ozone will only exit out of one side – the very small bubbles that are produced will drift upwards and that creates a flow up and out of the unit.  If it is hung vertically, the bubbles will come out of both sides.

5) If after taking these steps, you still don’t see it working, then it is possible that your unit is defective.  Please navigate to the Warranty Page to make a claim.  We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service, so know that we will make every effort to earn your loyalty.