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2024 Marks our 10th Anniversary in the Electrolytic Ozone Business.

We have United States, Taiwanese and Chinese based manufacturing partners, and are happy to consult for you or your organization on the integration of this amazing technology.

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That is:855-492-8375


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Roving Blue®, Inc.

5220 St. Patricks Rd.
Lena, WI 54139


CUSTOMER SERVICE: Chris Lavigne Ext. 2

Please leave a message if Chris is unable to pick up. We get a million robo calls.


General Inquiries: Ext.1

Marianna "Yana" DeMyer. Yana is our CEO and is the inventor of most of the products you see on our site.  If she didn't invent it, she worked with the inventor to pioneer home ozone appliances starting in 2014. That makes her one of the leading experts on not just ozone, but electrolytic ozone, here in the United States.  You can see her Linkedin profile for more information. She loves hearing from users, helping customers, but is most pleased to work with other individuals and companies who want to incorporate ozone into their ideas and products.


Military / Government Inquiries:

Thomas "Tucker" Campion - Military and Government Sales (727) 331-1058