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Feb 2023:

Roving Blue CEO Marianna "Yana" DeMyer was featured on the cover of Insight Magazine, a fantastic regional business magazine published by Insight Publications, LLC.  A wonderful job of writing by Kate Bruns, the managing editor, some eye-popping photography by Shane Van Boxtel at Image Studios, and gorgeous design and layout by A2Z Design Studios really made it all come together! Click on the pic to read it!

Roving Blue on Magazine Cover

We are so humbled to achieve this recognition!



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December 2022

We have recieved our sample plastic and rubbery parts and our assembly facility, Gain Control, LLC in Pulaski, WI has assembled them and tested them - who hoo! Its nice to be able to show you actual pictures, not computer renderings.  We have made a few aesthetic adjustments (the rubbery parts will be more earth-tone in color), and fit adjustments, and the new parts will be made ASAP.  The production facility tells me we are within 10 days of receiving them...that puts our arrival time on or about Dec 23. 

If you haven't paid for your pre-order yet, please do so now, as we would't want to delay shipping them out to you for that reason!  There are still a few available, so don't miss your chance to get them at Pre-Order Prices. That deal ends on December 20th. (The number that is available is posted on the GO-3 Product Page.) Some folks are cancelling their orders, so you will see that number go up and down, but one thing is for sure, you won't be able to get them at that price again!  Have a look:

Sept 2022

Hey, we're hitting the road and will be participating in the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo, Imlay Michigan Saturday, Sept 17th! Come on out and see us!

The following weekend, we'll be at Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina!  We are looking forward to meeting you!


August 2022

We have an all-new GO-3 Water Bottle Pod coming!

2022 GO-3 Water Bottle Ozone Pod  2022 GO-3 Water Bottle Ozo-Pod

So the latest news is that our GO-3 Water Bottle Pod has undergone an engineering makeover.  We only ever made a few small runs of 25 units at time, and we were 3D printing the casing.  Happy to report that the new molds are being made at this time, and we are aiming to have the new version in time for Christmas.  We are only going to make a limited run so if you are interested in one, head to the product page and get your name on the list!

We are offering a great special to make it worth your while to do it NOW (once they get back in stock, prices go back up to normal price, which is $189.00)

Here is the deal:

•  Early Buy Price $155 (Regular price is $189)

•  A FREE water bottle (an $11.99 value and usually not included)

•  FREE SHIPPING (typcially runs $13.99)