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9c. Roving Blue MVP Basecamp Water Purifier

Product #: MVP
$2,195.00 USD
Price is only valid in the US. Please contact us at prior to placing an international order.

All New: Our flagship product has been re-designed, features a more affordable price, yet retains all the important components of our military system.

Introducing The MVP/Outfitter Edition 

The Roving Blue MVP® Water Purification System is a patented system that utilizes the latest electrolytic ozone technology for highly effective microbiological control. No other portable water purification system offers all of these benefits:

  • Stainless steel, user-rinseable intake strainer.
  • Omnipure filters for 5 micron particulate reduction
  • Omnipure silver impregnated carbon filter (silver prevents growth in the filter itself)
  • in-line ozone generator produces dissolved ozone for sanitizing power greater than chlorine – with no harmful THM residuals.  When its job is done, ozone reverts to oxygen.  No chemicals needed, no chemicals remain behind. Highly effective against dangerous micro-organisms
  • Eliminates bad tastes and smells
  • 12 DC power allows for use in vehicles, off-grid camps, RV's and boats
  • Quiet operation
  • Charger and lightweight LIPO (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery included

Weight: Approx. 25 lbs., 11.33 kg
Size: L 18.7" x W 14.8" x H 7" (L 475mm x W 376mm x H 178mm)
Output: Approx. up to .5 liters (1 water bottles) per minute
Made in U.S.A. Product
Avg. Ozone dosage: Approximately .025 to 1 ppm
Ozone residual: .1 to .4 mg/l *
*.1 to .4mg/l represents FDA required ozone residual levels for bottled water

These units are built to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.