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9. Roving Blue Ozo-Flow 50

Product #: Ozo-Flow 50
$549.99 USD
Price is only valid in the US. Please contact us at prior to placing an international order.

The Ozo-Flow 50 is our first inline ozone generator that consists of the ozone water generator, the power cable, and AC/DC power supply. These devices are designed to be used with clear tap water of unknown safety. It is recommended that you install a flow switch in your system that ensures the ozone generator turns on and shuts off with water flow.

The Ozo-Fow will™ immediately begin to produce almost microscopic bubbles of ozone gas.  Unlike corona-arc ozone production technologies which rely upon atmospheric oxygen to produce ozone, Roving Blue Ozo-Pods™ make ozone from the water itself, eliminating the need for air pumps, tubing and airstones. 

Because the ozone is not bubbled through the water, there is less ozone escaping into the air, which is hazardous to breathe in at high levels.  The ozone stays in the water, where it does its work.  When it reverts back to oxygen, the water is left highly oxygenated, a boon for aquaculture and other applications.

We are proud to be building advanced, portable water purification systems that harness "The Power of EO3™", electrolytic ozone, for use around the world.


This product is meant for OEM/Professional SALES, i.e. people who know what they are doing with water, plumbing and electricity.  PLEASE CONTACT US for more information: 1-855-4WATER5, that is (855)492-8375.