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4. Ozo-Pod 10 - Home Ozone Water Generator

Product #: Ozo-10
$179.00 USD
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A whole new category of kitchen appliance, this home water ozone generator has hundreds of uses!

Ozonated water is "Water That Cleans™".  Whatever it comes into contact with becomes purified as well. Cutting boards, storage containers, etc.

Even if you purchase organic vegetables, that doesn't guarantee they are free of dangerous microbes.   

Easy to use, the Ozo-Pod® 10 will quickly bring 5 gallons of water up to 1PPM ozone concentration within minutes. That is a lethal level to almost any microbe that can make you sick.  Ozone also breaks down harmful long-chain molecules that are found in herbicides and pesticides. 

image of a woman washing her fruits and vegetables with an ozo-pod 10 in the foreground


To use:

Just pour water into a receptacle of your choice, then place the pod so that it is completely submerged. Press the ON button and you are in business.  You will quickly find that the uses are endless:

  • Odiferous athletic gear
  • Rinse vegetables to prolong shelf life in fridge and protect against pesticide residues, salmonella, E. coli, etc.
  • Keep the kitchen sink/garbage disposal clean and fresh 
  • Grungy sponges
  • Smelly pets

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The Ozo-Pods® are encased in stainless steel for a rugged use, in the kitchen or campsite.  It utilizes an advanced method to produce ozone; (we make it out of water, not the air), so there are no air pumps or air stones, hence no moving parts to wear out or clog. A bonus feature is that most of the ozone stays in the water as a cloud as opposed to bubbling through - this will limit your exposure because ozone in higher concentrations is not good to breathe.

  • Ozone is approved by both the USDA and the FDA for use in purifying drinking water as well as for food processing.
  • Ozone is a highly germicidal form of oxygen (it is also called "O3" or "tri-oxygen"). In fact, it is stronger than chlorine.
  • Within minutes, ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving no residue, so it is a truly "green" water purification method.
  • Ozone, unlike UV light, has the ability to remove "off" tastes and odors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our units are designed to work in water that has a TDS (Total dissolved solids) of 50 to 300.  Below 50 or above 300, they can still be used, but you will have to take additional steps to make them work. You can read more about TDS on our library page.  To be extra sure, you can order a TDS meter elsewhere or online here with us. If you order one from us, we will credit you the cost shipping on your TDS meter when you purchase an Ozo-pod from us.


EPA Est. 094576-TWN-001

Download the Ozo-Pod® 10 User Manual

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