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5. Ozo-Pod 10 AC/DC

Product #: Ozo-10 AC/DC
$189.00 USD
Price is only valid in the US. Please contact us at prior to placing an international order.

Easy to use, the AC/DC Ozo-Pod® 10 will quickly bring 5 gallons of water up to 1PPM ozone concentration within minutes. That is a lethal level to almost any microbe that can make you sick.  Ozone also breaks down harmful long-chain molecules that are found in herbicides and pesticides. 

Just pour water into a receptacle of your choice, then place the pod so that it is completely submerged. Press the ON button and you are in business.  You will quickly find that the uses are endless:

Rainwater harvesting projects for off-grid cabins

Safe drinking water for outfitters with clients in remote areas

Emergency drinking water purification for after disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes

Anti-bacterial food prep for fish and game

Off-grid showers

(Click to see a Youtube video of it in action)

The AC/DC Ozo-Pod10® is encased in stainless steel pod to ensure rugged service for years of use. Like all our products,  It utilizes an advanced method to produce ozone; (we make it out of water, not the air), so there are no air pumps or air stones, hence no moving parts to wear out or clog. A bonus feature is that most of the ozone stays in the water as a cloud as opposed to bubbling through - this will limit your exposure because ozone in higher concentrations is not good to breathe.

Ozone is approved by both the USDA and the FDA for use in purifying drinking water as well as for food processing.

Ozone is a highly germicidal form of oxygen (it is also called "O3" or "tri-oxygen"). In fact, it is stronger than chlorine.

Within minutes, ozone reverts back to oxygen, leaving no residue, so it is a truly "green" water purification method.

Ozone, unlike UV light, has the ability to remove "off" tastes and odors.

If you prefer to place an order by phone, please call 855-4-WATER-5, that's 855-492-8375 9AM-5PM EST Monday-Friday.

EPA Est. 094576-TWN-001

Download the AC/DC Ozo-Pod® 10 User Manual

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