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S1. Ozo-Pod Repair Service

$25.00 USD
Price is only valid in the US. Please contact us at prior to placing an international order.

Did you purchase a unit, but it is just not working like it should? Loose wire? faulty switch? Don't wan't to clean it yourself?

Never fear, our technicians will peer into the matter, and perform the easy fixes (loose wire, failed switche, bad AC adapter) for a flat fee of $25, and return it to you.  If it is damaged beyond repair, you will be given options:
  • For replacement out of our "returns" pool, items that have been returned to us, but we can't sell as new any more, $99
  • Or for a nicely discounted new unit 
The process is easy: Once you complete checkout, box up your unit with padding, print out your sales confirmation and put it in the box, and send it to:

Gain Controll, LLC

Attn: Roving Blue Service Dept.

1070 Glenbrook Dr

Suite 1, Pulaski, WI 54162

(if you are outside of the US, you will be charged an additional return shipping fee, that is dependant on your location - contact us ahead of time with your address for a quote. Otherwise it will just be charged actual cost, we do not mark up shipping.)

Once they receive it you will get a notice that it has been received.  Please allow 5 business days for a response.  There that is it! Easy Peasy!